Identification of tuberculosis infection and sociodemographic risk among children who come into household contact with tuberculosis in Medan, Indonesia

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Fazidah A. Siregar *
Lita Sri Andayani
Mhd. Makmur Sinaga
(*) Corresponding Author:
Fazidah A. Siregar |


Although the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in Medan remains high, cases of TB infection among children who come into household contact with adult TB patients is still low (5.4%). The purpose of the study was to investigate the proportion of TB infection among children in the households of adult TB patients and to identify risk factors for TB infection in this population. This study was an unmatched case control study with a total of 86 study participants and a case:control ratio of 1:1. Tuberculosis skin tests and assessment with TB scoring for children were performed to determine TB infection. Data were analyzed using simple and multiple logistic regressions. The results showed positive tuberculin tests in 17 of the 43 children who had household contact with TB (39.5%). It can be concluded that the proportion of tuberculosis infection among children in households where they have contact with adult TB patients is higher than before. Therefore, it is recommended to identify children at high risk for TB and improve TB control program to minimize the risk factors.

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