Self-esteem and depression levels in diabetes mellitus patients

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Yulianto Yulianto
Yufi Aris Lestari *
Hartin Suidah
Anik Supriani
Riska Aprilia
Bety Mayasari
Dian Fitra Arismawati
(*) Corresponding Author:
Yufi Aris Lestari |


This study aimed to identify the relationship between self-esteem and the level of depression in people with Diabetes Mellitus. Cross sectional design was used in the study. There were 48 respondents chosen by Simple Random Sampling technique. The instrument used was a questionnaire and then data was analyzed by Pearson test with a significance level of α 0.05. The results showed that more than half of respondents had mild depression of 33 people (68.8%). In addition, there is a relationship of self-esteem with the level of depression which based on the results of the Spearman Rho statistical test with the Significant value p=0.014 < α 0.05. It is expected that health care professionals can provide support and motivate diabetic patients to maintain their daily activities.

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