The relationship analysis of compliance consuming iron tablet with incidence of anemia on pregnant mothers in third trimester at the co-endemic areas of Bengkulu City, Indonesia

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Zurviani Oktania Wardhani *
Ahmad Fickry Faisya
Misnaniarti Misnaniarti
Ikhsan Ikhsan
(*) Corresponding Author:
Zurviani Oktania Wardhani |


In developing countries generally, the incidence of anemia in pregnancy is still a major public health problem. This study aims to analyze the compliance of consuming Iron tablets with the incidence of anemia on pregnant mothers in the third trimester at Bengkulu city. This study used cross-sectional design, samples were third trimester pregnant mothers taken by purposive sampling as many as 106 pregnant mothers. Data analysis was carried out by using chi-square and binary logistic regression test. The results of Chi-square test on factors related to compliance, it was obtained that consumption of iron tablets, ANC services, ANC visits, and availability of iron tablets were significantly relationship with the incidence of anemia (p-value <0.05). While the results of binary logistic test stated that the availability of iron tablets was the most dominant influence on the incidence of anemia (pvalue= 0.023), OR 13.95 (95%CI: 1.438- 135.459). It is expected that the local government must pay more attention to plan the need of Iron tablets based on the estimation number of pregnant mothers.

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