Design of a typical residence for the elderly in Morocco

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M. Bouaoudate
J. El Harti *
M. Maamar
R. Abouqal
(*) Corresponding Author:
J. El Harti |


The population of Moroccan elders is in full increase; their requirements for quality and quantity of services are becoming increasingly important. On the basis of this, reality and extension of many major innovative projects in Morocco (industrial expansion plan, renewable energy stations, the road infrastructure network, rural electrification, drinking water, accelerated urbanization, globalization...) gain importance. Reflection on the design of a typical residence for the elderly has become an ambitious idea possessing all the chances of its success; it is also worth noting that it is a citizen opportunity to be seized by all political decision-makers for the promotion of health and the improvement of the quality of life of a growing category of the population. The typical residence of the elderly remains not only a place of life but also an environment of therapeutic care and at different levels of autonomy and dependence of our elders.

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