The relationship between the competence and performance of family planning instructors in family assistance at risk of stunting in Lampung province


  • Dian Utama Pratiwi Putri Doctoral Programme, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya
  • Trias Mahmudiono Faculty of Public Health, UniversitasAirlangga, Surabaya
  • Diah Indriani Faculty of Public Health, UniversitasAirlangga, Surabaya
  • Biyanti Lisatriana BKKBN, Bandar Lampung



family planning, instructors, performance, stunting


Introduction. A national action plan for the acceleration of stunting reduction was prepared to encourage and strengthen convergence between programs through a stunting-risk family approach. The increasing role of Family Planning Instructors in assisting families at risk of stunting becomes a challenge to support behavioral change in the community. Materials and Methods. This study aims to determine the relationship between years of service, competence, attitude, transformational leadership, and performance of Family Planning Instructors in assisting families at risk of stunting in Lampung. The research was carried out in April-May 2022. This is a cross-sectional- quantitative study. Results and Discussion. The results showed that 49.3% of the Family Planning Instructors had years of service more than 28 years, only 36.4% were well competent, 43.1% had a positive attitude, 68% felt positive transformational leadership and 64.9% had an active performance. Years of service (r=0.017), competence (r=0.004), attitude (r=0.025) and transformational leadership (r=0.000) were proven (CI=95%) to be significantly related to the performance of Family Planning Instructors. However, only competence, attitude and transformational leadership were simultaneously related to performance. Transformational leadership had the strongest relationship with performance, that Family Planning Instructors who perceived positive transformational leadership had 5,8 times higher active performance than those who perceived negative transformational leadership after being controlled by competence and attitude variables. Conclusions. It is necessary to increase the competence, operational support in the field and leadership awareness as good role models who inspire, motivate, stimulate creativity and innovation, and pay more attention to the potential of Family Planning Instructors.

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