Impact of healthcare service quality on older people’s satisfaction at geriatric medical centers: a rapid review




Healthcare services quality, older adults, geriatric medical centers, satisfaction, quality of care, patient health outcomes, rapid review


Introduction. Older adults are concerned about the quality of care as many of them are vulnerable to the co-occurrence of geriatric syndromes and age-related diseases due to accumulated impairments in multiple systems. Literature indicates that though people are living longer, they are not necessarily living healthier, which creates the need for providing quality healthcare services specifically to address the needs of this population. B This rapid review investigates the impact of healthcare service quality on older people’s satisfaction at geriatric medical centers. Methods. The rapid review includes 11 articles from searches on PubMed, PsycINFO and Google Scholar. Results. The reviewed studies indicate that the quality of healthcare services to older adults enhances their satisfaction at senior facilities and produces positive patient outcomes. A thematic analysis of these studies revealed four major themes related to the review topic: perceived quality of healthcare services, patients’ quality of life, patient satisfaction, and provider-patient communication. Implications for practice. Nurses should provide high-quality care to older adults in geriatric settings to improve patients’ and their families’ satisfaction. Nurses should target quality leadership, implement quality improvement, and communicate effectively. Nurses should also offer patient-centered care by involving family members in care planning.

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